Thursday, May 17, 2007

Commit #4????

Rumor has it that Michigan has received a verbal from Indiana offensive lineman Kurt Wermers. I'll save a full profile for later once it's confirmed, but we offered Wermers a while ago, so the staff obviously likes him, he probably grades out at a bout a high 3 or low 4 star. Probably a Justin Schifano like prospect, definitely an interior lineman, solid but not spectacular. Still, this makes three well-regarded linemen so far, and I'll take that anyday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Class projection..insanely early

Well, here's a post I'll look back on in February and regret. Here's my insanely early class projection...

QB Brendan Kay
RB Sam McGuffie
FB Christian Wilson
WR Daryl Stonum
WR Fred Smith
WR Jonathan Baldwin
TE Brandon Moore
TE Tyler Hoover
OL Dann O'Neill
OL Elliott Mealer
OL Lane Clelland Committed to Notre Dame
OL Kurt Wermers
OL Sean Hooey
DE Kevin Koger
DE Nick Perry
DT Omar Hunter Committed to Notre Dame
LB Marcus Witherspoon
LB Jon Major
DB Boubacar Cissoko
DB Robert Blanton
DB Brandon Smith
DB Vaughn Carraway
DB Spencer Adams

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Names to Keep in Mind for 2008...

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy with school-related stuff, hopefully posting will become more frequent as the quarter progresses...
In the meantime, here are some names to remember for this recruiting class, prospects with * before them have reportedly been offered...
*Terrelle Pryor - Jeanette, PA
*Dayne Crist - Sherman Oaks, CA Notre Dame Commit
Brendon Kay - Marine City, MI
Chris Lum - Lake Orion, MI
Bryan Berens - Phoenix, AZ
*Sam McGuffie - Cyprus, TX
Jonas Gray - Detroit, MI
*Darrell Scott - Ventura, CA
*Covaughn Deboskie - Chandler, AZ
*Darius Ashley - Cinncinati, OH
*Daryl Stonum - Sugarland, TX
*Fred Smith - Detroit, MI
*Vaughn Carraway - Laureldale, PA
*Kenny Tate - Hyattsville, MD
James Wade - Ann Arbor, MI
*Jonathan Baldwin - Aliquippa, PA
*Brandon Moore - Trotwood, OH Michigan Commit
*Kevin Koger - Toledo, OH
Cody Aughney - Henderson, NV
*Hubie Graham - Scranton, PA
*Lane Clelland - Owings Mill, MD Notre Dame Commit
*Bryce Givens - Denver, CO Nebraska Commit
Matt Greiser - Columbus, OH
Chris Groth - South Lyon, MI
Kenneth Hamilton - Detroit, MI
Khaled Holmes - Santa Ana, CA
Rocko Khoury - Traverse City, MI
Matt Lipski - Ashland, OR
*Elliott Mealer - Waseon, OH Michigan Commit
*Zebrie Sanders - Clayton, OH
*J.B. Shugarts - Klein, TX Ohio State Commit
Joel Turrubiates - Bakersfield, CA
*Vaughn Dotsy - Ventura, CA
Andrew Sampson - Aurora, CA
*Kurt Wermers - Crown Point, IN Michigan Commit
Donald Mathis - Detroit, MI
*Tyler Hoover - Novi, MI
*Nick Perry - Detroit, MI
*Darius Fleming - Chicago, IL Notre Dame Commit
Chris McDonald - Sterling Heights, MI
*Omar Hunter - Buford, GA Notre Dame Commit
*Chris Henderson - Harrisburg, PA
Cameron Wagner - Batesville, MS
Brandon Newman - Louisville, KY
*Steven Filer - Chicago, IL
*Jon Major - Parker, CO
Nick Schneider - Cincinnati, OH
*Christian Wilson - McKees Rocks, PA
*Mike Zordich - Youngstown, OH Penn State Commit
*Brendan Beal - Roxbury, NJ
*Arthur Brown - Whichita, KS
*J.B. Fitzgerald - Princeton Junction, NJ
*Shayne Hale - Monroesville, PA
*Marcus Witherspoon, Absecon, NJ Michigan Commit
*Will Hill - Jersey City, NJ
Johnny Adams - Akron, OH
Marc Anthony - Chandler, AZ
*Robert Golden - Fresno, CA Arizona Commit
*Jarred Holley - Easton, PA
Mike Jones - Harrisburg, PA
Troy Tidwell - Detroit, MI
Charles Burrell - Detroit, MI Michigan State Commit
*Spencer Adams - Matthews, NC
*Robert Blanton - Matthews, NC
Brandon Leslie - Fresno, CA
*Brandon Smith - New Brunswick, NJ

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recruiting Board Update

Some changes to the recruiting board since last updated...

RB Jonas Gray - Now listing Florida as his leader, was offered on a visit there, but I think we could still have a great shot if we offer
TE Kyle Rudolph - Committed to Notre Dame, no surprise, not sure how they keep landing these TE's though (Konrad Reuland, Mike Ragone, Rudolph over the last three years)
TE Jake Stoneburner - Committed to OSU, no surprise, once he was offered, it was only a matter of time before he committed
TE Brandon Moore - We reportedly lead, which is a bit of a surprise, since he was thought to be favoring Georgia, losing Butler can only help our TE recruiting
OT Dann O'Neill - Became our 2nd commit for the 2008 class, post coming soon
OL Michael Brewster - Listed his official visits, Alabama, USC, Florida, OSU, and LSU. We're out of it.
OL Bryce Givens - Lists a top two of Michigan and Nebraska
OL Lane Clelland - Top three of UM, ND, and Maryland

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2008 Recruiting Board - TE/OL

Tight End

Kyle Rudolph 6-7 220 Cincinnati, OH Notre Dame Commit
Rudolph is definitely one of the top TE prospects in the country. Sadly it seems that Notre Dame is pretty much in the drivers seat, and he’ll probably commit sooner rather than later.
Brandon Moore 6-6 230 Trotwood, OH
Moore is an athletic freak, far faster than someone his size should be. We have an offer out to him, but at this point it seems he’ll either head to OSU (if they offer) or somewhere in the south. UPDATE: visited Michigan for spring practice, came away really liking us. We might lead, and at the very least are in great position. UPDATE: We're listed in his top two with Georgia.
Jake Stoneburner 6-5 225 Dublin, OH Ohio State Commit
Tall fast WR/TE hybrid. Teamate of OSU commit Mike Adams. Recently received an offer from OSU, and it seems only a matter of time before he follows Adams there.
Hubie Graham 6-4 227 Scranton, PA
Don’t know much about Graham as a player, but he’s got a pretty good offer list, and he said he was “honored” to get a Michigan offer, in the process of planning a trip to AA. Cautiously optimistic on this one.
Mark Wedderburn 6-6 235 Springfield, PA
Penn State legacy, older brother Floyd played O-Line there. Has decided to let the process run a bit longer than he originally planned, but I’ll be surprised if he ends up anywhere but PSU.
Cody Aughney 6-6 220 Henderson, NV
Visited unofficially last year, lists Michigan in his top two with Oregon State. Says UM coaches want him to put on some weight and to see some senior tape. Could be an intriguing prospect, potential camp offer.
Tyler Edwards 6-3 222 Monroe, LA
Early Rivals 100 player, has a Michigan offer, but it seems like he’s likely to stay in the south.

Offensive Line

Dann O’Neill 6-7 290 Grand Haven, MI Michigan Commit!
Top 3 prospect in Michigan, finished 7th in the state in his wrestling weight class. Definitely a potential top 100 player, really likes Michigan. I wouldn’t be surprised to see O’Neill be our next commit, and he’d be a great one.
Michael Brewster 6-6 305 Orlando, FL Ohio State Commit
Arguably one of the top o-line prospects in the country, same school as Greg Matthews. Lists a top 3 of OSU, USC, and UF. Most people think he’s OSU’s to lose, with only UF having any shot at all of pulling him away.
Bryce Givens 6-6 250 Denver, CO Nebraska Commit
Same school as 2007 signee Steve Watson. Has mentioned UM in the top 3-4 schools he’s considering. He has been offered, this one could play out a while.
Khaled Holmes 6-4 301 Santa Ana, CA
A double legacy, father Mike played DE at UM, brother Alex played TE at USC. Reportedly a USC lean, just received an offer from the Trojans. If he leaves the state, it’ll be to Michigan, but unfortunately that seems increasingly unlikely.
Zebrie Sanders 6-6 270 Clayton, OH
Top Ohio prospect, lists Michigan in his top 5, we might be able to poach him from OSU if they continue to wait to offer. Seems like a raw prospect, but has the measurables to develop into a dominant tackle.
J.B. Shugarts 6-7 299 Klein, TX Ohio State Commit
Probably our top target at tackle outside of O’Neill. Same school as Mark Ortmann. Listed us in his early top four, but that seems to have been expanded to around a top 6-7. Currently listing UM, OSU, OK, LSU, TAMU, UF, and Alabama. I think we still have a shot, we have have to really impress him when he comes up for camp. If a commit comes from Sam McGuffie, that could help too, as the two are close friends.
Matt Lipski 6-8 330 Ashland, OR
First thing you notice about this kid, he’s ENORMOUS! That combination of pure size and inexperience (only started playing football his sophomore year of HS), makes the sky the limit for his potential. Visited AA for a game last year. Lists UM and Oregon as his leaders. This guy is one of those prospects I really hope we get, just because I’ve taken a liking to them.
Joel Turrubiates 6-7 340 Bakersfield, CA
Another enormous tackle prospect, kind of a sleeper at the moment, but lists UM in his top three. Can you imagine having him and Lipski as O-Line bookends?
Elliott Mealer 6-6 280 Wauseon, OH Michigan Commit!
Lists OSU and Michigan as his top two, seems like a bit of a plan B guy, wouldn’t be surprised to see him get an offer if we miss out on some more nationally regarded targets.
R.J. Dill 6-8 295 Camp Hill, PA
Art Forst 6-8 288 Manasquan, NJ

Dill and Forst fit into the same category for me, I don’t know much about them, but they’re fairly highly rated and list interest in Michigan. While they both seem like they’d be great pick-ups, I’ll wait to assess our chances until I get more info on them.
Lane Clelland 6-5 265 Owings Mills, MD Notre Dame Commit
Sleeper, older brother played at Northwestern. Has offers from Maryland and ND. Is planning to make a Michigan visit, probably needs to put on some weight, but looks like he could make a good guard prospect.
Vaughn Dotsy 6-5 346 Ventura, CA
Same school as 2007 signee Michael Williams, will block for RB target Darrell Scott this year. Michigan was first to offer. Enormous kid, but surprisingly quick for his size. Says he want’s to approach recruiting the same way Williams did, slowly, take his visits, and make an informed decision. Here’s hoping that his recruitment ends with the same result.
Trevor Robinson 6-5 300 Omaha, NE Nebraska Commit
Lists UM in his top three, but rumor has it he’s a Nebraska lean. Probably a long shot for us.
Andrew Sampson 6-3 275 Aurora, CO
Earlier listed UM as his favorite, but not sure how much we’re returning the interest. Potential camp offer.
Kurt Wermers 6-5 260 Crown Point, IN
Good looking interior line prospect, says Michigan is at the top of his list, hoping to make a mid-summer decision. Looking good for us so far.
Matt Greiser 6-5 305 Columbus, OH
Chris Groth 6-4 295 South Lyon, MI
Rocko Khoury 6-4 253 Traverse City, MI

A trio of likely plan B prospects, will probably have to have a good showing at camp or during their senior year to earn an offer.

2008 Recruiting Board - Skill Positions

Terrelle Pryor 6-6 220 Jeannette, PA
Clemons cousin, but unlikely to land a QB of this caliber the class after Mallett, likely headed to a program with solid FB and BB. OSU, PSU, Pitt, and WVU seem to be the early leaders.
Brendon Kay 6-4 221 Marine City, MI
Chris Lum 6-2 185 Lake Orion, MI

Both seem interested in Michigan, will likely battle it out for a camp offer, either would probably commit shortly after receiving one.
Dayne Crist 6-5 221 Sherman Oaks, CA Notre Dame Commit
Appears to be a USC lean, but he might be open to other schools.

Darius Ashley 5-8 185 Cincinnati, OH
Small scatback type, seems like a plan B recruit, states interest in M, but if OSU offered he’d probably jump on it.
Sam McGuffie 6-0 185 Cyprus, TX
#1 Target at RB, amazing highlight tapes, called the “White Reggie Bush”, family originally from Flint area, good friends with J.B. Shugarts. Recently named Michigan as his leader. I’m optimistic, especially as Oklahoma just signed two top RBs for this class already.
Marcus Dowtin 6-2 195 Fork Union, VA
I really don’t know anything about Dowtin, but he’s listed on both sites as having a Michigan offer. Also plays LB, not sure what he’s being recruited as.
Jonas Gray 5-9 206 Detroit, MI
Gray is the #1 back in Michigan this year, and has been named to the early Rivals top 250. His videos remind me a lot of Kevin Grady, big kid, not especially fast, bulls through defenders. I think that this may be why the staff has put him on the back burner a bit behind more athletic backs like Scott and McGuffie. Named Notre Dame as his early leader, but with their RB class from last year, everything seems to be even again, the sooner we offer, the better our chance at landing him. UPDATE: Visited Florida and recieved an offer, almost committed on the visit. Says Michigan is still one of his favorites, but I think he'll go elswhere unless we offer fairly soon.
Dontavius Jackson 5-11 195 Franklin, GA
Attends same high school as Carlos Brown, lists us among his early favorites. Not offered yet, but lists one from Florida. Seems likely to stay in the South even if we offer, but then again, so did Carlos.
Latavius Murray 6-3 215 Nedrow, NY
Same high school as Mike Hart. Also plays LB, but prefers offense, grew up a Florida fan. Might be one to watch if we miss out on top targets like Scott, McGuffie, and Gray.
Darnell Scott 6-0 215 Ventura, CA
Strong candidate for the #1 running back in the country. Just transferred to St. Bonaventure HS, home of incoming DB Michael Williams. Highlights aren’t as impressive as I was expecting, but it will be interesting to see how he performs with a better supporting cast. Shows high interest in Michigan, as does OG Vaughn Dotsy from the same school, the two have mentioned playing together, may be a package deal, but I’ll remain skeptical on that until it happens.
Covaughn DeBoskie 5-11 187 Chandler, AZ
Has a Michigan offer and lists us in his top three. I think he'll probably stay out west, but he appears to have genuine interest, so he'll be one to keep an eye on.

Wide Receiver
Jonathan Baldwin 6-6 225 Aliquippa, PA

Huge prospect who could play WR or TE. Cousin of Ty Law. Names Michigan as his leader. Unless he changes his mind, which seems unlikely, it’ll either be Michigan or basketball for Baldwin. Depending on what the rest of the WR class looks like this year, I think he may end up a TE if he chooses Michigan, his tapes show great speed and athleticism, but he also is a very good blocker and would make a dangerous weapon at TE. I think his recruitment ends up a lot like Toney Clemons, drags on a bit, but we lead all the way.
Vaughn Carraway 6-2 175 Laureldale, PA
I know very little about Carraway, but he lists interest is Michigan, and is reported to have an offer. UPDATE: Carraway visited Michigan for a spring practice, and was blown away, he now names us as his clear leader.
Wes Kemp 6-4 226 St. Louis, MO
Another prospect I don’t know much about, may or may not have an offer, also being looked at as a TE.
Fred Smith 6-3 215 Detroit, MI
Likely a top 5 player in the state this year, has been offered, lists a top list of UM, MSU, and OSU. Things look pretty good for UM with him.
Daryl Stonum 6-2 180 Sugarland, TX
Top 100 player nationally, probably one of the top 5-10 receivers in the nation. Same high school as 2007 signees Troy Woolfolk and Brandon Herron. Has previously stated Michigan was his leader, but in a recent interview he said it was between Michigan and Florida.
Kenny Tate 6-4 215 Hyattsville, MD
One of the nations top receiving prospects. Offers include UM, UF, OSU, ND, and PSU. Not sure how interested he is in Michigan, but there is an offer on the table for him.
James Wade 6-3 175 Ann Arbor, MI
Local kid. Grew up a Michigan fan, says Braylon Edwards is his idol. I think if he gets an offer he’d commit on the spot. Might be a James Rogers sort who impresses at camp and gets an offer. With us looking to be in good position with several other higher priority WR’s he might get a look at DB.
Dajuan Miller 6-5 200 Metuchen, NJ
Long-shot, has an offer but lists a top three of Rutgers, PSU, and Oklahoma, but Michigan seems to be right behind those three at the moment.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sorry Everybody!

Not sure if I have managed to attract any real readers yet, but if any of you are out there occasionally checking for content, I'd just like to apologize for the recent lack of it. I've been a little distracted due to some personal issues and haven't had time to devote to the site at all. I'm trying to get some stuff up within the next few days, and I'm gonna try to have the rest of the 2007 class bios and roster analysis up by the middle of next week. Bear with me a bit, and hopefully I can keep this thing going for a good long while.